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Family Promise - Calvary will be host to Family Promise in 2020. Our next host week will be in May, so please watch for the new sign-up for the dates and continue to make our host weeks a success. It is a very SMALL commitment but it makes a BIG difference in the lives of our Family Promise guests. Please contact Roger Bengtson at : northwatch@charter.net or call 320-894-2614 for more information - or to sign up visit: www.signupgenius.com  and search 'northwatch@charter.net' and click on the current host week link. Thank you again for making this ministry work!                                  

Grief Care - Grief Care Group meets every Monday at Calvary Lutheran Church from January 6-May 18, 2020. The group meets at 5:15- 6:30 PM in the Friendship Room. It is led by Pastor Dean E. Johnson. For more information regarding Grief Care, please call Calvary's Welcome Center at: 320-235-2508. All are welcome!

Doing Days/Quilting - The Doing Days/Quilting group meets at Calvary every Thursday at 1 PM in Bethany Hall. 

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