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- Open Your Shades On Winter Days For Natural Light And Warmth - Save up to $10 per 

   year. Taking advantage of winter sunlight can help make a dent in your heating costs. Open

   blinds during the day to provide natural lighting and capture free heat.

Install Storm Windows Save up to $105 per year. Since heating can account for about   

   70% of average energy consumption, air loss should be minimized where possible. Adding

   storm windows can result in significant savings to you and can be more cost-effective than

   replacing your windows. There are several options for you to consider.

Block Drafts Of Cold Air Around Your Doors - Save up to $10 per year. The edges of doors

   are often poorly sealed, allowing cold air to seep into your warm home. For a free, quick,        and easy solution, block cold air drafts with rolled up towels.

Recycle At Work And Home - Make sure paper and plastic recycling bins are conveniently

   placed near printers, work stations and in break rooms. Make recycling easy by setting up a

   convenient place at home, perhaps near your trash.

-  Use Cruise Control - Did you know cruise control actually consumes less fuel? In fact, 

   cruise control could improve mileage by at least 15%, saving the environment, gas and

   money in the process.  

-  Buy House Plants - House plants not only add to the aesthetics of a home, but also

   maintain room temperatures by adding moisture to the air and reducing airborne

   bacteria, fungi and other unhealthy pollutants.

-  In The Kitchen - Fully load the dishwasher. It costs the same to wash one dish as it does to

   wash a full load. Scrape dishes, don’t pre-rinse. Check your refrigerator door seals. Close

   the door on a dollar bill and pull it out. If it slides out easily, replace the seal. 

Think Before You Print - Print double-sided. Cut paper costs and save on space in your files

   by printing double-sided. Avoid printing unnecessary emails or draft document. Store as

   much information electronically as possible.

-  At Work - Pack a lunch. A disposable, fast food-style lunch creates between 4 and 8 

   ounces of waste. One office worker who eats out regularly could be responsible for

   creating as much as 100 pounds of trash per year.

-  Save Energy - Post reminders next to all light switches to turn off the lights when leaving

   the room and at the end of the day. Replace lights in your home with LEDs. They use much

   less energy and last longer. 

Create a Pollinator Plot – Use native perennial plants and enjoy the flowers while

   providing pollinator habitat. Milkweed can be included to attract Monarch butterflies.